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Designing Faster with a Baseline Grid

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13 Best Responsive CSS Grid Systems for Your Web Designs

Grid for iOS reimagines Excel, but ditches the formulas

Creating a Lightweight Grid System

Pattern Library

Tools for Managing Web Projects – Best Of

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Chrome DevTools Revolutions 2013

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Roadmap for Learning Rails

Rails Engine Testing with RSpec, Capybara, and FactoryGir

Faster Rails partial rendering and caching. 78% improvement of test application

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Ruby on Rails Study Guide: The History of Rails

Ruby on Rails Study Guide: Blocks, Procs, and Lambdas

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Ruby’s Missing Data Structure

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Mass Assignment, Rails, and You

Adding Tabs to Your Rails App Just Got a Whole Lot Easier with Tabulous 2

Reconciling SVG and Icon Fonts

Quickstart Guide to Using Compass, Haml, SASS, SCSS with Rails 3

Build a Sinatra MVC Framework

Tips for Novice Developers (and why you should become a rubyist)

Rails 4: let specific actions be embedded as iframes

Quick Tip: Integrate Compass into an Existing CodeIgniter Project

Live Weather Display Using CSS, jQuery and PHP

Namespacing in PHP

Handling Hierarchical Data in MySQL and PHP

How to create a simple and efficient PHP cache

Debugging PHP Code with FirePHP

Deploy CakePHP Apps on AppFog the Right Way

Improving Our Use of PHP Namespaces

The Whens and Whys for PHP Design Patterns

20 All Too Common Coding Pitfalls For Beginners

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5 More PHP Security Vulnerabilities

CSS without the Mess

4 Reasons to Try Sinatra

Creating a PHP OAuth Server

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Is jQuery Making Us Forget About JavaScript?

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A meta style guide for JavaScript

7 JavaScript Basics Many Developers Aren't Using (Properly)

Exploding Blocks with CSS and Javascript

Native equivalents of jQuery functions

The Future of JavaScript MVC Frameworks

The Past, Present, and Future of JavaScript

Introduction to Preprocessors

Web Design: Hide / Show Notification Bar With CSS3

The CSS Shapes Module will Revolutionize Web Design

CSS Typography cheat sheet

How to stop worrying about CSS vendor prefixes

Easier user interface development and responsive layouts using CSS tables

Centering Percentage Width/Height Elements

Scroll Activated Fixed Header Animations

HTML Table Patterns: Data Grids

Pure CSS toggle switch with two labels

Create Striped Backgrounds With Gradients (and a Sass Mixin)

Faster Sass debugging and style iteration with source maps, Chrome Web Developer Tools and Grunt

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Helping Guide of CSS Flexbox for Web Designers and Developers

Working with Shadow DOM

10 Generators & Tools To Create Modern CSS Buttons

Vertical Rhythm In Typography

Test your Sass or CSS with the Chrome Developer Tools

CSS Tip: A Better Clearfix with Sass

Designing an image gallery

25 Essential Sass and Compass Tools

The Minimum Code for a CSS Transition

CSS: :before and :after pseudo elements in practice

Exploding Blocks with CSS and Javascript

CSS Sprites with Background Positioning

Remove Whitespace Between Inline-Block Elements

Progressive Viewports

CSS Clipping and Masking — Show and Hide Parts of Images and Elements with Code

The 30 CSS Selectors you Must Memorize

Responding to environmental lighting with CSS Media Queries Level 4

Modular CSS with Media Queries and Sass

Animation Principles in UI Design: Understanding Easing

Writing modular CSS (BEM/OOCSS) selectors with Sass 3.3

Intentional Breakpoints with CSS Transitions

8 HTML Elements You’re Not Using (and Should Be)

Front-end and UI style guides

Exploring canvas drawing techniques

Device State Detection with CSS Media Queries and JavaScript

Angled Navigation In Pure CSS

About Variables in CSS and Abstractions in Web Languages

Avoiding Design Failures: Skeuomorphism and Flat Design

Refactoring GitHub's Design

File Type Icons with Flat Design Style

The One Pixel Rule

Improving by Removing

User laziness = user smartness, and why this is really important.

Step-by-Step UX Improvement

The Two Corners of Unsolicited Redesigns

The head of Android design: Small screens are pushing a new wave in design

My six rules for mobile app design

How to create a user experience flow chart (UX Flow Chart)

The 4 Levels of UX Design

Why UX is not 100% UI