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Tracing.js - Javascript function tracing

Give Back Some Semantic to Your HTML (and Create a Vocabulary)

Making our Media Query Mixins More Flexible

Avoiding Problems with Decimal Math in JavaScript

Styling SVGs inside image tags

Design a cool preloading spinner without using images or javascript

SVG Sprites and Icon Systems Are Super

How to persist URL hash fragments across a login redirect.

Updating a Node.js web application without downtime

dox - a JavaScript documentation generator

Co - The ultimate generator based flow-control goodness for nodejs (supports thunks, promises, etc)

Filtering Tables

Preventing duplicated requests in AngularJS

Integrating Single-Page Apps with Oracle Access Manager

How to implement history plugin in single page application

StyleDocco - documentation and style guide documents generator

Highland.js - manages synchronous and asynchronous code easilyion and style guide documents generator

each-async - Async concurrent iterator (async forEach)

Having fun with Sass lists and strings

YUIDoc - JavaScript Documentation Tool

The best icon is a text label

Coddoc - a jsdoc parsing library

Using Temporary Tables in PostgreSQL with Rails

A better method of handling multistep forms in rails

q - a tool for creating and composing asynchronous promises in JavaScript

Follow-up: Don't use class names to find HTML elements with JS

Multiple UI Applications and a Gateway: Single Page Application with Spring and Angular JS Part VI

handling android device back button with phonegap and angular js

Create your first Ember 2.0 app: From authentication to calling an API

Django 1.8 Security Best Practices

Creating your first Aurelia app: From authentication to calling an API

From Theory to Practice: Adding Two-Factor Authentication to Node.js

Don't forget the back button in your single page app

How to make embedded videos in your AngularJS and ui-router app fluid with fluidvids.js

AngularJS and Instagram, a single-page application with OAuth2

Fixing the Back Button: A Simple SPA Behavior using Location Hash

4 Smooth AngularJS Application Tips

Capturing stdout & stderr from shell commands via Ruby

Decoding #HTML special characters using #JavaScript regular expressions

IsoCodes - validating various ISO codes

QLPrettyPatch - a QuickLook generator for patch files

MetaYaml - generate a documentation about the schema, or a XSD file

Beautiful docs - a documentation viewer based on markdown files

Cookies vs Tokens. Getting auth right with Angular.JS

More Responsive Single-Page Applications With AngularJS & Socket.IO: Creating the Library

Authentication made simple in Single Page AngularJS Applications

Master single-page Web apps with AngularJS

quick look JSON - quick look plugin to preview JSON files

howler.js - Modern Web Audio Javascript Library

Learn Meteor.js From Scratch: Build a Polling App

ProvisionQL - Quick Look for ipa & provision

QLMarkdown - a simple QuickLook generator for Markdown files

Suspicious Package - a Quick Look Plug-in for OS X Installer Packages

audio.js - a drop-in javascript library that allows HTML5’s

AngularJS Any Loader Module

qlImageSize - plugin to display the dimensions and size of an image

A successful Git branching model

Making Music in the Browser – Web MIDI API

The BetterZip Quick Look Generator

JavaScript Patterns Collection

Custom Select Menu with Visual Keyboard Input

Front-end Code Standards & Best Practices

Make Slackbot Respond to Regex

screenfull.js - simple wrapper for cross-browser usage of the JavaScript Fullscreen API

Polymer dom-repeat filtering and sorting

A QuickLook Plugin for CSV Files

roughdraft.js - quickly create an interactive HTML mock-up by auto sourcing lorem ipsum/images generators

Fast CSS: How Browsers Lay Out Web Pages

How to create alphanumeric captcha in Javascript

Functional UI and Components as Higher Order Functions

Better Backgrounds with Blend Modes

progress.js - a javascript progress bar without dependencies

Creating and Using Code Snippets in Visual Studio

oboe.js - a streaming approach to JSON

Omnipay - a payment processing library for PHP

Snappy - a PHP5 library allowing thumbnail, snapshot or PDF generation from a url or a html page

Creating Objects With A Null Prototype In Node.js

Node.js HTTPS and SSL Certificate for Development

Capsule - an experimental web framework by @HenrikJoreteg

wsdl2phpgenerator - Simple WSDL to PHP classes converter

How To Create Compelling Narratives Through Web Design

No need for globals - npm scripts add .bin to PATH

Django Multiupload

Styling with STRINGS

Metalsmith - an extremely simple, pluggable static site generator

Restler - Simple and effective multi-format Web API Server

Request - Simplified HTTP client

The nitty-gritty of compile and link functions inside AngularJS directives

Drest - allows you to quickly annotate your doctrine entities into restful resources

jQuery FriendURL plugin

Laravel Envoy

Third-party JavaScript API security

Help users checkout faster with Autofill

NotificationPusher - Standalone PHP library for easy devices notifications push

Notificator - a very simple and lightweight library to handle notifications the smart way

JsonMapper - map nested JSON structures onto PHP classes

Using Polymer WebComponents with Angular.js

assemble - static site generator for Node.js, Grunt.js, and Yeoman and Gulp

PyFunct - Python Functional Testing

Why the (CoffeeScript) arrow matters

More With Arrow Functions in ES6

20 Point List For Preventing Cross-Site Scripting In PHP

Font size, line height and line width the golden ratio way

Product Catalogue Classification Using Ensemble

Pomander - A light-weight flexible deployment tool for deploying web applications

json-gate - validates JSON objects against a JSON schema

Ajax Media Upload with jQuery and WP-API

Rocketeer - a modern PHP task runner and deployment package

Quickly build a simple grid with Sass

Open Source Framework For Quickly Creating App Settings Screens

How to Create a Node.js Cluster for Speeding Up Your Apps

Real time hints & progress feedback using jQuery

Accessing Google Spreadsheets from Node.js

Using an SVG icon system with Drupal

16 Creative CSS Form Design Ideas

Using Graph Theory to Build a Simple Recommendation Engine

Bye Bye CSS Box Model…

PHP-CPP - library is a C++ library for developing PHP extensions

Binary in Javascript

10 tips for coding with Node.js #3: how to know when (not) to throw

Understanding Color Psychology for Impactful Web Design

ES6 Tail Call Optimization Explained

500+ Free Line Icon Sets

CSS-only: Load images on demand

Authoring Node Modules

CSS Font Sizing

10 CSS Hacks and Tips You May Not Know

Styling Angular 2 components

Freebie: Smashicons Icon Set (500 Icons, 4 Styles, AI, PSD, Sketch)

Fresh Trend in Navigation: Full-Screen Menus

33 Brilliant Landing Page Design Concepts

All about the :not() selector

JSON Lint - can easily be used within another app if you have a PSR-4 autoloader

Even better ES5 code for Angular 2

Predicting Random Numbers In PHP – It’s Easier Than You Think!

Using JSON Web Tokens with Katana and WebAPI

Zephir - is a high level language that eases the creation and maintainability of extensions for PHP

How to make a HEXAGON in CSS

Non-blocking Asynchronous JSON.parse Using The Fetch API

Why we Need WebAssembly, An Interview with Brendan Eich

smart.js - Embedded Javascript engine for C/C++ with networking, file, database and device interfaces

Dealing With SOAP APIs In Node.js

questionr - A framework to make it easy for developers to add questionnaire

TauCharts - data focused javascript charting library

How to Run Node.js with Express on Mobile Devices

Input Validation in Express with express-validator

Write more efficient, readable, and performant jQuery code

Creating Isomorphic Apps with Node.js, React, and Express

CSS Architecture: BEMCSS — Block, Element & Modifier

Viewport vs Percentage Units

Making a Choropleth Map Directive Using D3.js and Angular.js

25 Pixel Perfect Mobile Payment Designs


5 Lesser Used CSS Selectors

Learn How to Write Angular 2 Style Unit Tests with Angular 1.X Code

17 Very Impressive CSS Experiments

CoffeeScript is not that bad

Boilerplate web app using Backbone.js, ExpressJS, node.js, MongoDB

Pseudo-Classes, Pseudo-Elements, and Colon Notation

Building Web APIs with Node.js and MongoDB

One Neat Trick: ‘Background-Size: Cover;’ & ‘Background-Size: Contain;’

Application cache in HTML5

30 Great Examples of App Sliding Navigation Menus

Building a Google Calendar Booking App with MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js - Part 1

Controlling The Box Model

31 Top Examples Of Annual Report Design

[Tutorial] LocalStorage with AngularJS - P.1 - MEAN less the Mongo

Pagerfanta - Pagination for PHP 5.3

The Accessibility Cheatsheet

How to Crop Images with CSS

Improving the UX, one microinteraction at a time

Perfect Recipe for Building Mobile Apps with Ionic and a Backend

10 Libraries For Preprocessing CSS Files

Why Users Miss Form Buttons Placed in the Action Bar

Tutorial 2: Node Authentication using Express, Amazon EC2 and Mongo

Node.js Tutorial: Building a Simple CMS with Dynamic User Content with Prismic.io

Building an API REST: Node.js + Express 4 + MySQL

Express4 + Mongoose + JSON Web Token Authentication

58 Beautiful Numerical Typography Designs

Viewport-Relative Headings with Sass

Creating Objects Without Prototypes

GPU text rendering in webkit

Resources For Creating Better Maps Online

LiteCQRS for PHP

32 Shopify eCommerce Websites for Design Inspiration

iOS Fundamentals: UIAlertView and UIAlertController

35 Apple Watch UI Design Concepts & Free Resources

How To Use Balanced Symmetry in Web Design

WatchKit Navigation, Transitions, and Contexts

Want A jQuery Or Javascript Carousel Plugin? Here Are The Best Of Them

Build and test a blazing fast JSON API with Phoenix, an Elixir framework

Simplify your Mobile Development with this SASS Mixin

4 different ways of changing the appearance of multiple matched elements with JavaScript or jQuery - Demo and Performance Benchmark

reveal.js - A framework for easily creating beautiful presentations using HTML

AngularJS + Nodemailer Contact Form

Set up a free MongoDB database using Compose.io