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Enable virtualization inside ESXi virtual machine

JavaScript Function Methods: apply()

Spring Boot Logging

lrStickyHeader - make table headers sticky

Export SVG for the web with Illustrator CC

Using mixins to create classes in Backbone

Installing Node.js v4.0.0 on a Raspberry Pi (All Models)

ExtJs 4 Ajax Request and Response example using Java Servlet and JSON

How 'DevOps' is Killing the Developer

Develop and deploy a Java app

SpeakingURL-generate a slug with a lot of options

Pragmatic DevOps: How to create your first environment with Chef and Vagrant

Using Vault to Secure Your Deployment Secrets

angular2-rxjs-chat - example Chat Application using RxJS and Angular 2

Postmortem: Migrating MongoDB to DynamoDB

stupidbox - Really simple image lightbox jQuery plugin

WYSIHTML5 - open source rich text editor

Mercury - a full featured HTML5 editor

Logback JSON encoder for Logstash

Animated Page Transition

Central logging with Java using logstash

Get Remote HTML Data And Parse It In Express For NodeJS

Parsing Amazon CloudTrail JSON Logs with a Customized Logstash Build

js-sequence-diagrams - Turns text into UML sequence diagrams

Handling JSON Error Object Responses With Spring's RestTemplate

Angular 2 Migration Path: What We Know

Why and how I ditched icon fonts in favor of inline SVG

PROPER - Semantic Texteditor

Automatic Text Contrast with CSS Blend Modes

Fast color helpers with SASS Lists

Java: How to configure log4j.properties correctly – log4j Sample Program

How to Pre-Process Logs with Logstash: Part III of “Scalable and Robust Logging for Web Applications”

jscomp - Ahead of time JavaScript compiler

Structured Logging with Rsyslog and Elasticsearch

OpenSeadragon - a Pure JS Viewer for High Resolution Zoomable Images

ECMAScript 6: holes in Arrays

Video learning path for creating high performance HTML5 applications

ES6 Reflection in Depth

Nesting Components

Promises in JavaScript Unit Tests: the Definitive Guide

Java Logging: Creating, Indexing, and Monitoring

Debugging elasticsearch Java API queries as JSON REST queries

Logging to Logstash JSON Format in Nginx

X-editable - to create editable elements on your page

How to log in Spring with SLF4J and Logback

The Ultimate JSON Library: JSON.simple vs GSON vs Jackson vs JSONP

CSS Snippet for “Animating” both Display and Transform

Snap.js - A Library for creating beautiful mobile shelfs in Javascript

Nested @keyframes Rules - A handy feature in Sass 3.3 was the @at-root directive

stacktable.js - jQuery plugin for stacking tables on small screens

Java Logging Basics

Structured Logging with Python and CEE Syslog Handler

JSON Formatted Logging With Play

Write Logs for Machines, use JSON

Lessons from a Failed Experiment in JavaScript Accessibility

MockTheClock (MTC) - a JavaScript library for spoofing time in browser

Brackets - a modern open-source code editor

Lessons Backbone Developers Can Learn From React

Logging Your Python Apps: Make Better Use of Your Logs with JSON

ColorExtractor - extract colors from an image like a human would do

Typed Arrays in ECMAScript 6

Contextual List Item Information – A New E-Commerce Personalization Technique


How do JavaScript closures work under the hood

Image with Text - render images with multiple

Testing Socket.io + Passport.socketio with Mocha

Now You Can Have 20+ Mobile UI Frameworks for Splendid HTML5 Apps

Vulcan: A JavaScript Automated Proof System

Scripted - a fast and lightweight code editor

Quick technique for API mocking

Determine If A Number Is Prime Using JavaScript

Fixing a Broken SASS Build Stream

Guidelines for Animation Timing


The Rise of Animation in Web Design

Creating Angular 2 Style Components Using Angular 1 (Part I)

Best way to load your external content using jQuery

Custom Cross-Browser CSS Properties

Using Pseudo-elements to Prepend the Date to your Edits

CSS Directives for Mobile Webkit

Password Validator - validates password_hash generated passwords

Beautiful Seamless JavaScript Testing in 10 Minutes

Zxcvbn-PHP - a password strength estimator

Data Structures With JavaScript: Stack and Queue

Behave.js - a lightweight library for adding IDE style behaviors

Learn How to Write Angular 2 Style Unit Tests with Angular 1.X Code

locache - JavaScript framework for client side caching in the browser using DOM Storage

6 Gulp Best Practices You Can Use Today to Radically Improve Your Development Experience

Dissect - tools for lexical and syntactical analysis

Give Grunt the Boot! A Guide to Using npm as a Build Tool

UMD (Universal Module Definition)

Creating CSV output from database query result in Laravel 4

PHPMD - PHP Mess Detector

Testing Node.js With Mocha and Chai

Hybrid Apps and the Curse of the 300ms Delay

Sticking to Your Palette Regardless of Opacity

58 Modern Examples Of Monogram Designs

Overthrow - A tiny, no-frills, framework-independent, targeted overflow

50 Responsive Icons (SVG)

Parcel - easy package management

Is Bower Useful?


How element spacing works

PHP Copy/Paste Detector (PHPCPD)

Build a Cordova App With AngularJS

Building Modular Web Apps With Backbone.Radio

PaintbrushJS - a lightweight, browser-based image processing library

Why Backbone.js and ES6 Classes Don't Mix

Making ReactJS Realtime With Websockets

Facebook User Login using Javascript in Angular JS

hapi - Server Framework for Node.js

Experiment with ECMAScript 6 on Babylon.js with TypeScript 1.5

ES5, ES6, ES2016, ES.Next: What's going on with JavaScript versioning?

Authenticate a Node.js API with JSON Web Tokens

KnpMenu - provides object oriented menus for PHP 5.3

Postgres SQL Up and Running on OSX using Homebrew

A Dead-Simple Todo List with RxJS

Illustrator UX Workflow Tips for Wireframing and Design

How We Made Application Framework Using AngularJS and Django

Five ways personal workflow patterns make you a better designer

A list of creative exercises for creative teams

A few words on blanket use of box-sizing: border-box

Why very few companies can pull off a logo redesign like Google’s


Design a prototype for a responsive web app

Cartographer - can handle Sitemaps of any size

Animated Charts with jQuery-Knob and jQuery.animate()

An 80/20 Guide to Mongoose Discriminators

Sample Node.JS REST API Implementation with MySQL

UX/UI to make your product viral

Adding Image Uploads to a Custom Module in Drupal

Node.js : Building RESTful APIs using Loopback and MySQL

React JS Development Setup & Workflow

String Interpolation Using util.format() And util.inspect() In Node.js

Creating Salesforce Query Builder in Node.js and AngularJs using Salesforce REST API and OAuth2 with Heroku Button

Creating authentication based routes in Angular JS

Including a React.js entrypoint from a Drupal menu callback

Creating REST APIs and Clients with LoopBack and AngularJS

Using StrongLoop to create a Node.js MySQL application

CSS vs SVG: The Final Round(up)

CSS Frontend Frameworks: The Best 10 for Modern Web Design

Iconifying Content

How directional cues maximize UX and boost conversions

Designing with Contrast: 20 Tips from a Designer [With Case Studies]

Calling a REST API from a NodeJS Script

Building an API REST: Node.js + Express 4 + MySQL

Node.js OAuth1.0 and OAuth2.0: Twitter API v1.1 Examples

Building a Node.js REST API TODO Server with MongoDB and OAuth2 Protection

Creating Custom Error Objects In Node.js With Error.captureStackTrace()

Responsive Font Sizing

Page Scrolling in Mobile Safari & VoiceOver

Dynamically add remove rows in table using jquery

Adding Ambient Video Backgrounds to Websites

Floats, Inline Block or Display Table? Or Flexbox?

Junior - A front-end framework for building HTML5 mobile apps

Web Components punch list

Protractor Accessibility Plugin

Importing Web Fonts with variable-exists()

Refactoring React Components to ES6 Classes

thumbs.js - a small, transparent, and syntax-less library.

How I Audit a Website for Accessibility

20 Outstanding Music Related Website Designs For Inspiration

jSwipeKinetic - A jQuery plugin that enables you to add kinetic scrolling

Replicating preprocessor color functions with plain old CSS

Better Work, Faster with Sketch Plugins

Short note on aria-labelledby and aria-describedby

312 flat color icons (SVG,PNG) – Freebie

Sort git Branches by Date

IE bug: keyframe animations inside a media query block

Art-Directing SVG Images With The viewBox Attribute: How-To, Notes, Tips and Why We Need A viewBox Property in CSS

GifFrameExtractor - helps you to separate all the frames of an animated GIF

Guzzle - PHP HTTP client

Phrozn - static site generator written in PHP

Sculpin - a static site generator written in PHP

jQuery considered harmful

Managing User Input Key-Events Across Views In AngularJS

Using The CSS :target Selector To Create JavaScript-less UI Effects

A clear interface is a better interface

Asking The User To Confirm Location Or Route Changes In AngularJS

10 useful guidelines and filters for AngularJS

Writing Modern JavaScript

Migrations - a convenient way for you to alter your database

Cyberduck console: operations with cloud storage

Swap - Exchange rates library for PHP

Font Awesome Content Cheat Sheet

Expressive Date - an extension to PHPs DateTime class

Monolog - Logging for PHP 5.3+

PHPPdf - library that transforms an XML document to a PDF document

PHPPowerPoint - a set of classes to write to different presentation file formats

3 solutions for sorting multidimensional arrays by child keys or values in PHP

Bernard - makes it super easy and enjoyable to do background processing

Canvas Advanced Animation Toolkit

Using $rootScope.$emit() As A Performance Optimization In AngularJS

How to Style a HTML File Input

Creating A Simple Modal System In AngularJS